Project Description

Moving to the industry of the future

Fablab LH3D Impression 3D Le Havre
  • Creation of a company dedicated to assisting in the transformation or adaptation to digital, automation
  • Advice on the integration of new technologies
  • Process optimisation (redesign of parts for a less energy and raw material intensive process, increased productivity, etc.)
  • Integrated machine park, for practical application, training, workshops, etc.
  • Supported by the CCI Seine Estuaire
  • Deployment planned for 2024
  • Project within the framework of Le Havre Smart Port City

Setting up, investment, development:
rely on Le Havre Seine Développement

Le Havre Seine Développement, the economic development agency for the Le Havre region, prospects, advises and supports companies in their project to set up, invest or develop in Le Havre and its region (Le Havre and Fécamp intercommunities).

The agency’s added value also lies in its expertise in different sectors, its knowledge of the territory and the various people who can contribute to the development of your project (potential clients or partners, administrations, financiers, etc.).

How can we help your project?

  • Searching for premises or land
  • Networking with potential partners, customers and service providers
  • Relationship with the administration
  • Searching for funding
Helène MIQUETIndustrial Business Developer
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