New coworking space for freelancers in the digital sector, run by an independent web design agency
Located in the city centre of Le Havre, between the Palais de Justice and the train station, at the foot of a tramway station
The space includes a shared workspace, 5 private offices, a meeting room, a reception area and a shower
Several subscription formulas with or without commitment, for 1 – 3 – 5 days / week, or private offices with 1 or 2 workstations with access 7/7 and 24/24

: Tramway, Bus, Train Station

Space Tonic formula (1 day / week): 60 € HT with commitment / 80 € HT without commitment

Cosmo Pen formula (3 days / week): 150 € HT with commitment / 200 € HT without commitment

Cuba Space formula (5 days / week): 190 € HT with commitment / 250 € HT without commitment

Shared office: 290 € HT with commitment / 350 € HT without commitment 

Private office 1 workstation: 390 € HT with commitment / 450 € HT without commitment 

Private office with 2 workstations: 490 € HT with commitment / 550 € HT without commitment 

210 m²
Le Havre
Le Havre Seine Métropole


Le Havre

210 m²
Property type : Coworking
Occupancy : Nomad
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