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Depending on your project, Le Havre Seine Développement can advise you on identifying other sources of funding or potential savings: investors or partners, synergy with other players in the area, etc.

Regional aid (AFR)

The urban community of Le Havre is partly classified as a regional aid zone (AFR). This European scheme aims to encourage investment in territories determined according to various economic criteria.

It allows companies to benefit from advantages in case of establishment or creation of new activities in these territories.

Le Havre en zonage AFR

Municipalities located in AFR zones

What can an AFR zone do for a business*?

This provision, which is a matter of law, makes it possible to go beyond the traditional European regulations concerning the accumulation of public aid to companies: companies with fewer than 10 employees thus see their maximum aid ceiling raised to 30% of the investment necessary for the creation of a new activity (establishment or development). SMEs (11 to 250 employees) to 20% and ETIs or groups (over 250 employees) to 10%.

The AFR zoning is thus the only system that allows large companies to benefit from public aid.

The investments concerned include tangible assets (purchase/lease of land and/or buildings, machinery and equipment), intangible assets (patents, licences or other elements of intellectual property) and salary costs for new jobs.

These investments must be made within 3 years.

The calculation of the maximum ceiling is valid for investments up to €50 million (degressive rate from €50 to €100 million). The ceiling combines aid from local authorities, public aid from the State and public establishments, as well as aid allocated under European funds, whatever their form (subsidy, interest-free loan, guarantees, recoverable advances, tax exemptions, etc.).

The profits of companies setting up in AFR zones are 100% exempt for the first two years. The rate is then degressive for up to five years (75% deduction in the third year, then 50% and 25% in years 4 and 5).

Once again, this is an acquired right for any company setting up or investing, whatever its size. If there is no particular request to be made to benefit from it, the easiest thing to do is to contact the tax authorities to complete the information on the new company and the associated individuals.

The AFR zoning allows the municipalities concerned to temporarily exempt new establishments from Territorial Economic Contributions.

In the Le Havre region, Le Havre Seine Métropole has voted a 100% exemption from CFE and CVAE taxes for 5 years, i.e. the maximum possible.

Here again, the easiest way to benefit from these exemptions is to contact the tax authorities.

The regional development premium for industry and services (PAT) is a direct State aid, exclusively reserved for projects created within areas classified as AFR. It aims to promote the establishment and development of companies with projects that create jobs and sustainable activities.

The amount of aid can be up to €15,000 per job created.

Its allocation is subject to the constitution of a file analysed by the General Commissariat for Territorial Equality. The allocation and amount of the grant are decided by taking into account the socio-economic situation of the employment area and the incentive nature of the aid. The innovative nature of the project and the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility are also taken into account.

* Depending on the eligibility of the projects

Real estate grant

Scheme of Le Havre Seine Métropole aiming to support the setting up or development of companies (construction of buildings including the purchase and/or servicing and development of the land, the acquisition with works and/or the extension of buildings) by means of financial support for real estate investments.

In the form of a subsidy of up to €35,000 per project, obtaining business real estate aid also makes it possible to apply for the Normandy Region’s aid scheme.

Revitalisation fund

Mutual Revitalisation Fund for Seine-Maritime Department, intended for developing VSEs/SMEs.

Reimbursable advance (at zero interest and without guarantee) between €5,000 and €100,000 and subsidies for companies with up to 10 employees creating at least 1 job, and for companies with more than 10 employees creating at least 3 jobs.

€ 750,000 loan fund, aimed primarily at financing the working capital requirements of businesses

  • €15,000 interest-free loan per job created, for a period of 5 years
  • No allocation, personal guarantee and application fees
  • Maximum of €150,000 per project
  • In partnership with Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine

€ 50,000 grant fund

  • € 5,000 grant per job created, maximum of €15,000 per project
  • Cannot be separated from the loan

Other schemes

Aid from French employment agency, in the case of hiring jobseekers

  • Maximum aid of € 5 / h for internal training, up to a maximum of € 2,000 / person
  • Maximum aid of € 8 / h for external training, i.e. a maximum of € 3,200 / person for 400 hours of training

Regional aid managed by the Normandy Development Agency

  • Impulsion Conseil
  • Impulsion Développement
  • Impulsion Environnement
  • Impulsion Export
  • Impulsion Innovation
  • Impulsion Invest

General co-investment fund set up by the Normandy Region

Purpose: To strengthen the equity and quasi-equity capital of SMEs with their head office or an establishment in Normandy through the acquisition of holdings

Minimum amount of the fund’s intervention set at €150,000 per target company

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