Port of Le Havre

  • Over 66 million tonnes of goods handled in 2019
  • France’s leading platform for the import/export of new vehicles: 300,000 vehicles handled in 2019
  • 1st port in the world for wines and spirits
  • Headquarters of HAROPA, a grouping of the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris: 3 million containers handled / year
  • More than €600 million of investments planned for the development of the port and the maintenance of its assets
  • 1st port for imports and last port for exports in the North European range, offering the best transit times between Europe and the rest of the world
  • 1st European port to be ISO 28000 Security certified
  • Voted “Best Seaport in Europe” in 2019, for the 7th time, by the readers of Asia Cargo News magazine
  • A connection with more than 600 ports on 5 continents via 75 regular shipping lines
  • One of only 2 European ports able to accommodate vessels of more than 20,000 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units, standard measurement of containers) without constraints
  • 6,000 calls / year on average
  • Type of ships received: container ships, ro-ro ships, bulk carriers (solid and liquid), river and sea barges, cruise ships (130 calls and over 350,000 passengers in 2019)
  • 440 giant container ships welcomed in 2019 (over 10,000 TEU)
  • A dense and fluid road infrastructure network
  • Nearly 130 short-sea ports and 40 countries served
  • Rail freight: more than 60 services/week, to 15 destinations
    • 95,000 TEU handled in 2019, up 20% on 2018
    • Development of the Serqueux- Gisors line from March 2021: challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% with the expected modal shift
  • River: more than 40 river services / week
    • 207,000 TEU handled in 2019
    • Project for a channel between Port 2000 and the Seine
  • Le Havre multimodal terminal: capacity to handle 300,000 TEU/year (rail and river)
  • SOGET, world leader in the Port Community System (PCS), born in 1983 from the collective ambition of the Le Havre port community
    • Publisher and operator of S)ONE, a new-generation collaborative platform that enables the players in the logistics chain to streamline all foreign trade-related exchanges at national level (Microsoft technologies)
  • Le Havre Smart Port City, a major territorial investment plan of €241 million
    • Led by the urban community of Le Havre Seine Métropole, HAROPA and 80 public and private partners
    • Objective: to reinvent the relationship between the intelligent city and the port of the future
    • 21 equipment and demonstrator projects
  • Founder port of the ESI (Environment Shipping Index), which evaluates the environmental performance of ocean-going vessels, with a financial incentive policy put in place by HAROPA from 2013 for virtuous vessels
  • Member of the World Port Climate Action Program in which 11 ports participate, to reduce CO2 emissions from ships and ports
  • Partner of “the Getting to Zero Coalition”, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in maritime transport by 50% by 2050

Among the initiatives of the Port of Le Havre

  • Developing a process for the treatment of scrubber residues, following the filtering and washing of exhaust fumes, in partnership with SEREP (SarpIndustries – Veolia)
  • Encourage the use of wind propulsion: 50% bonus on port dues for cargo ships (partnership signed in February 2020 with the shipowner TOWT)
  • Decarbonising transport along the Seine Axis: deployment of 78 new electric terminals (3 already in service in the port), representing a saving of 5,300 t/year of CO2, i.e. 550 times around the world by plane
  • Supplying ships: studies underway to electrify the quays at the Pointe de Floride (cruise terminals) and the port’s northern terminals (containers), particularly in the context of the use of electricity for the propulsion of ships and short sea vessels
  • Develop alternative fuels
    • Road transport: 3 stations in service by summer 2021 (LNG / CNG / GNVERT / CNG)
    • Maritime transport: deployment of LNG refuelling and study with local players for the development of other refuelling methods
    • Hydrogen: H2V/ Air Liquide project to produce green hydrogen from water electrolysis
1st port for foreign trade
ports served on 5 continents
ongoing investments
calls / year
tonnes of goods handled

The port of Fecamp

  • 500,000 tonnes / year of processing capacity
  • 25,000 m² of open space
  • 25,000 m² of storage sheds
  • A privileged intermodal position for bulk and conventional goods.
  • Traffic includes oils, food products, paper pulp and heavy packages…
  • Community Entry Point for plants and their derivatives, and Border Inspection Post for oils
  • Operator certification: ISO 9002 / 2000 and AEO

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